What’s Hollywood? Put Your Neighbor on the Big Screen

Contact: Rhett Wilkinson

The Community Film Project needs partnerships with individuals and businesses

Davis County, Utah, June 26, 2015 – The Community Film Project (CFP) is moving into the production stage of movie-making. To be able to put the movie into theaters, they’re looking for partnerships with individuals and businesses, as well as community outreach volunteers to help find those sponsors. CFP seeks to build community, showcase talent, and feature businesses. It relies completely upon the willingness and talents from volunteers in the area.

“We are grateful that Davis County residents and businesses would see fit to be involved in any fashion in this new approach to filmmaking. For some, it may come through screenwriting. For others, it’s acting. And for all of us, it’s helping with the funding that makes it all possible,” said Lucas McGraw, Community Film Project Director. “We really want to highlight the people and businesses in the Davis County area. Napoleon Dynamite sure did that for Preston, Idaho!”

So far, CFP has conducted workshops on filmmaking, with instruction from the likes of “Meet the Mormons” Director Blair Treu and Alisa Anglesey, Lead Casting Director for the LDS Church’s Publishing Services Department. Numerous volunteers have helped so far regardless of age or physical disability.

Not including the time, talent, and equipment that have already moved the project to its current state, it’s estimated that in order to get Davis County on the big screen, expenses will be about $42,000. About 1,000 hours have already been donated to CFP. Community outreach volunteers may help with the sponsorships in multiple ways.

CFP has generally started outreach in other ways. It will have floats in the Syracuse parade on June 27, the Kaysville parade on July 4, and the Clinton Days parade on July 11.

“Truly, this approach to filmmaking is rarely seen anywhere in the United States – and now it is happening right here, in Davis County,” said Marshall Moore, Location Manager for “Touched by an Angel” and other major productions. “I absolutely hope that residents of Davis County notice what’s going on right here and begin taking steps to be involved.”

The Community Film Project is a volunteer filmmaking group made up of community members interested in making a family-friendly film. The working title is “Before Your Time.” The team has created a production schedule that allows people to participate in their free time. The group hopes that through the process they will also create a template for other communities to follow. For more information, please visit CommunityFilmProject.com or their Facebook page: facebook.com/cfilmproject.

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