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Top Website Ranking is the backbone of online Business.

According to a case study made by Tech Reshape SEO team, the first page of Google receives all the 95% of organic traffic and the rest of the traffic directs to subsequent pages of Google.

We have talked to many Businessman and Managers, inexperienced newcomers and experienced individuals. All of them wants to improve their Website Rankings and they have gone crazy trying to unleash the secrets of How to rank on the first page of the Google without getting a penalty from Google.

We wish that we could provide you with a magic button which can solve your problem of Ranking in a matter of seconds but the reality is the Ranking game isn’t that simple. It requires resources, dedication, hard work in a right direction, and a bit of creativity.

Since there’s no magic button to get Top Website Ranking, but of course there are a few ways which can lead you to the top of the search engine results page. We have learned the ways very hard, but you are lucky you don’t have to.

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