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We understood the hardships small businesses go through to get customers on a day to day basis. Traditional advertising methods are becoming obsolete, everything is online and having a strong online presence is very important for a business. After all, we live in a world of Google, Yelp, and smartphones. We’re trying to bring enterprise level marketing with the help of influencers and bloggers at a small business budget. Our goal is to have the largest listing of niche influencers and bloggers in our simplified platform making it easy and efficient for businesses to find the right fit for their market.
The goal of using influencer marketing should be to create brand awareness on social media, which helps get consumer trust and build credibility. Once that is achieved customers will come organically. It is a step by step process that pays off in the long run. Once businesses understand that aspect of it then I think they will set aside a regular budget for Influencer Marketing like many big brands.

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