Utah Startup Publication Sponsors Crowdfunding Conference

Salt Lake City, UT – April 20, 2015 – A Utah publication focusing on startup businesses, the Startup Register, is an inaugural sponsor of the Utah Crowdfunding Conference. The day-long conference will be held April 30th, 2015 and feature three keynote speakers, panel discussions and an opportunity to network with the state’s most successful crowd funders. Further information can be found at the conference website.

“Not every business fits the venture capital model,” says Startup Register founder Nigel Swaby. “Crowdfunding is very interesting because not only can it provide needed financing for startups, but it provides valuable marketing insight. If people don’t like your idea enough to contribute to a funding campaign, they’re probably not going to buy your product if it were brought to market through traditional methods,” he concluded. The Startup Register covers startup news and information relevant to small business owners.

The Utah Crowdfunding Conference is the creation of the Small Business Development Center located at the Miller campus of Salt Lake Community College. The organization serves as an incubator and resource for new and developing businesses. Headlining the conference is Richard Swart a crowdfunding scholar from the University of California, Berkeley. Also giving keynotes are Brian Meece, CEO of crowdfunding platform RocketHub and Bill Kerig, founder of RallyMe.


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