Utah Big Data Startup Unveils 100 Node Raspberry Pi2 Cluster

100 node micro-computer cluster at Hadoop Summit.

100 node micro-computer cluster at Hadoop Summit.

In today’s topsy-turvey world, smaller is bigger, cheaper is better and less is more. That’s one of the key concepts Utah Big Data startup PicoCluster is advancing in its product line of clustered micro-computers. This week they unveiled a monster, 100 node cluster for running Big Data software at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose. The device is composed of 100 Raspberry Pi 2 micro-computers with a custom acrylic case, cabling, power and cooling. To top it off, easy to use software makes this cluster stand apart.

Indeed, software is one of the biggest challenges with multi-node clusters. There have been large Raspberry PI clusters made before, but software seems to be a drawback in configurations that exceed 10. With PicoCluster’s GUI software, this no longer becomes a problem.

The 100 node cluster was designed for three reasons; to debut at the Hadoop Summit this week, to get attention to PicoCluster’s KickStarter which is selling three and five node clusters and to demonstrate to industry how flexible PicoCluster is in deploying multiple node clusters. They also make a 10 and 20 node variety.

The audience who viewed the 100 node cluster were impressed. @KaranChugh9 tweeted “Hadoop on a raspberry pi cluster. Awesomeness!”

PicoCluster cofounder Craig Brown is passionate about his product and company. He sees their products like Ataris were to personal computers. Brown grew up tinkering on Ataris and that led him to a career in computers. He envisions PicoClusters doing the same thing for Big Data technologists. Of course, there is a shortage of Big Data programmers. And women in Big Data. With that in mind, he’s allocating part of the KickStarter proceeds to fund an education component focusing on young people and women.

Their KickStarter page says,

In particular, we would like to work with women authors to produce quality content to encourage more women to be involved in IT. We also want to work with students and youth to produce content that is appropriate for all age groups.


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