Tenta is your private, encrypted browser that protects your data instead of selling it.

Secure, private browsing made fast and easy – Tenta Browser

Featuring built-in OpenVPN and Secure DNS for Smarter Incognito browsing.

Tenta takes a zero-knowledge approach to the browser business.

That means your bookmarks, saved tabs, web history, downloaded files, IP address and DNS – it’s all protected and encrypted by default. No registration, credit card or complex setup ever required. Just enter your secure pin or scan your fingerprint (on supporting devices) and start browsing.

Tenta offers several unique innovations in making private browsing convenient:

  1. Organize your tabs by Zones, allowing groups of tabs to have custom VPN location, DNS and data settings.
  2. Smart Incognito™ protects ALL of your browsing data with built-in OpenVPN™ and 256bit encryption.
  3. Safer browsing by default. Tenta Secure DNS is built into the browser for hassle free secure browsing. Also allows custom DNS and supports decentralized domains such as .bit domains (.bit domains uses Bitcoin technology to decentralize and free website addresses).

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