It’s estimated that 305 Million startups are created annually. With so many great ideas comes with it, a small team of passionate entrepreneurs trying to create that vision. SupportNinja takes the front-lines in their business by providing affordable outsourcing support for emerging startups.

It may not sound revolutionary, but it’s a problem every small business owner faces, especially any startup with no prior business experience. It seems everyone is set on trying to create some new and innovative product set on changing the world, but what they lack is a proper business infrastructure that is prepared to deal with the chaos. We provide BPO solutions to Startups by learning their product inside and out, then providing front-line support with innovative feedback loop systems.

We help driven entrepreneurs grow their business by taking on the complexities of managing entire parts of their organizations. Our aim is not only to provide an economical benefit that allows them to retain higher equity in their own company but also to help develop new processes while onboarding and managing a team of Ninja’s working exclusively for their company. Whether it’s outsourced support, outbound lead generation or back-end office support we can provide a solution that will not only provide cost-savings but also meet if not exceed existing KPI’s and other metrics.

About SupportNinja

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