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startup-jobsStartups face a number of challenges; developing a product, marketing, sales. You name it, startups face it. One of the biggest challenges is in the first growth phase when that first hire has to be made. The founder/co-founders have exhausted their bandwidth and are now ready to take on the challenge of and employee.

While outsourcing particular work can be of benefit to a startup, having someone on-site provides more control and oversight to the founders.

However, not all startups have budgets for employees. That’s where hiring at a startup gets challenging. Part-time hires, freelancers, contractors, temporary hires, internships and equity offerings are all in a startup’s employment toolbox. With that in mind, we’ve decided to launch a job board for startups. Taking into account the special needs of early stage startups, it offers specialized job categories like freelance, internships and employment for equity. This job board is a free feature of The Startup Register.

Employment ads are an underutilized marketing channel. For a startup, an employment ad offers very low cost advertising to potential customers and investors. It tells those audiences you’re a viable and growing company and people want to work for you!

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The startup job board is free to use. Employment ads end after 30 days but can be renewed. Getting an account is easy and allows the account holder to edit or create ads at anytime.

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