StartSLC Pitch Competition – Week 2

The clock kept ticking...

The clock kept ticking…

Besides the constant flow of presenters streaming through the room in the basement of Church & State, construction noise served as an additional distraction to company founders vying for a chance at $150,000. A high-tech bell and light system served to add a fresh layer of hell to the merciless timing system. And there were cookies! Welcome to this week’s edition of the StartSLC pitch competition.

Like last week, the day began early and a constant barrage of presenters took the stage, gave their pitch and did their best to answer questions from the judges. Again, medical device companies were plentiful, the word gamification was used more than it should be and there was a fair share of analytics companies. Overall, the presentations were good and well thought out. Some of the unique standouts included Discovery Simulations which creates spaceship simulators in schools, but has a corporate side to it as well. Recharge Labs has a goal to provide solar power to rural Nepal while still making a profit and bettrnet is addressing the growing concern of internet time management and access for children.


A McGyvered contraption signaled speakers by sight and sound when time was up.

There were a number of well presented ideas, many who have already raised funds and should be successful regardless of the outcome of this competition. Giftry is a shopping tool for gift giving a sort of Tinder for products. Cartesse is a cartilage implant for plastic surgery and facial reconstruction that won’t degrade over time. Epitel has raised $2.3 million and measures/records seizures using a wearable, camouflaged patch. Klickn is a social app for young people that seems pretty viable. Waterjet is a water drill for dental procedures that won’t crack teeth. Energy companies were more frequent this week with Zyntony and Lithium Storage representing well. Software companies OVRHD, Origami and Wildhair Tech all made solid presentations.

Rounding out the list of interesting businesses included Corporate Group Buy a “Groupon” for promotional swag, Tactick which manages routines with built-in to do lists and Adamatic which provides personalized ads for prospective car buyers.

Despite wanting more women in Utah’s startup community, there were fewer this week than last. At one point there weren’t any in the room. Ray-Ban is making a killing selling eyeglasses to Utah entrepreneurs. In a timed presentation, don’t let your software developer answer the questions. They take too long.

The final day of pitches wraps up next Wednesday starting at 8 a.m. Judges will then have a day to pare the list down to eight, possibly ten finalists. The “money” round will have a format of five minutes to present and five minutes for Q&A. Remember you can still vote for your favorite startup companies to get to that big stage.

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