It’s simple economics. Acquiring new users is expensive and difficult, as you can never be sure that those users will remain loyal. According to Bain & Company, it costs 6-7x less to retain & re-activate your existing user base than acquiring new users. When successfully implemented, app retargeting will maximize your ROAS while driving more conversions.

But here’s the challenge: every user behaves differently. Not all will respond to your marketing campaigns in the same way. A blanket strategy that ignores nuances, habits, and preferences is doomed to fail.

The challenge is to identify your high-value users — the ones worth re-engaging. Find out who they are and what they want. Reach out to them with relevant, personalized content.

You already have a wealth of information on your existing users. From these millions of data points, you can harvest the insights that power meaningful conversations. You just need to figure out which data are relevant and then put those data to work.

With a proper app retargeting strategy in place, you’ll keep your users engaged through the important holiday season and beyond, especially the upcoming winter holiday.

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