Record Evolution

Record Evolution GmbH is a young start-up in the field of IoT and data science product development and consulting, which was founded in Frankfurt in 2015. We have been awarded by the homepage Silicon Republic as one of the 12 most important start-ups in Frankfurt.

Our company profile:

In our consulting approach we offer the entire spectrum of Data Science and IoT from

statistical methodology to required technology architectures.

The fast implementation of Proof of Concepts is one of our main priorities.

Relevant projects:

  • Strategy Consulting for the development of smart products and services
  • Statistical analyses and/or suitable machine learning methods for various application scenarios
  • Development of (cloud) IT architectures tailored to the individual needs of the respective business area
  • Creation of real-time WebApps to display data and recurring analyses
  • Connection of IoT sensors/actuators and integration into data architectures

Furthermore we have recently launched our online data warehouse system REPODSREPODS is an online data warehouse service for managing and analyzing data histories in data pods. Data can be imported via various interfaces, which facilitate the integration of all data (ERP, CRM, etc.). IoT devices can also stream data directly to a data pod for cross-analysis with all other data warehouse data.

Data Pods are compact data warehouses equipped with storage and computing resources and all necessary tools. Each pod runs on its own infrastructure for maximum security and stable performance. The infrastructure can be flexibly scaled within a few seconds. REPODS is the ideal solution for small or medium-sized companies, as well as departments of large companies that are looking for a modern and lightweight industry 4.0 data warehouse solution.

Already starting from 0€ monthly you can create your own Pod. Both flat rates with pre-defined resources and a freely configurable pay-per-use model are offered.

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