Behavioral analytics that tracks everything and lets you visually record events as if using your product – no code needed.

With a single line of code Prodlytic collects and stores every user interaction with a website or web app. These interactions can be grouped into user journeys and virtual product features with Prodlytic’s visual recorder: a user’s product interface is opened ready for them to record the series of interactions they want to group together, as if they were actually using the product. Once recorded retroactive analysis gives users the power to ‘go back in time’ and instantly explore and analyze every interaction from the moment Prodlytic was installed.

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Location – London, UK

Industry – SaaS, Data Analytics

Founders – Will Grant and Daniel Thompson

Business Profile – D4 Software

We’re an industry-leading software and data consultancy operating in London and Birmingham, UK. For over 20 years we’ve helped companies build products, drive innovation, and unlock the hidden growth levers in their data.

From validation of your product’s features through to working with billion user-scale datasets: we’re experts at collecting, storing, and processing vast quantities of data.

D4 gives you the tools and expertise you need to make sense of your data and deliver ongoing value to your organisation. We work to understand your problems and goals so we can provide the right combination of future-proof analytics software and processes to help you thrive in a data-driven future.

We use best-in-class software, our own proprietary tools, and open-source technologies to help you turn data into actionable insight.

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