Predicoin: advanced crypto news and social media tracker enriched with sentiment analysis

Predicoin offers investors a comprehensive crypto data hub with advanced sentiment insight. Our platform extracts the market sentiment towards individual cryptocurrencies, and allows crypto traders to track trending news and social media. By providing sentiment analysis, we aim to help traders maximize profit and mitigate risk.

We collect news and social media surrounding cryptocurrencies, and condense these big datasets into easily digestible formats for traders and investors. Our algorithms detect the sentiment of crypto conversations around the web to calculate the SentScore for each cryptocurrency.

Our SentScore indicator represents innovative analysis from a combination of 5 cryptocurrency data categories: news, social media, technical analysis, fundamental data, and viral trends. Crypto traders use our SentScore to keep track of the market sentiment surrounding each cryptocurrency.

Predicoin is an essential tool to track cryptocurrency data, content, behavior, and market sentiment.




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