Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism is a problem that has been plaguing the literal and academic world. It is rife among students, teachers, researchers, professionals and article writers among many other categories of people. Plagiarism as defined by Wikipedia as ‘the wrongful appropriation and stealing of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions and the representation of them as one’s original work.’ Plagiarism Checker X is a unique and fast user-friendly product designed to detect plagiarism. Its unique features include. The ability to do a side by side comparison of articles. An invaluable, resource for students, who wish to avoid trouble. For students who want to achieve greater grades, this go to solution, they check their assignments for duplication, plagiarism and use it to find sources for documents and help to correct the citations in their work. This software can peruse research papers, assignments, blog contents and websites more accurately and at higher speeds than others out there.

Startup Name: Plagiarism Checker X
Location: New York
Industry: Education
Founder: Rashid Ali
Year started: 2015
Target Market: Education, Students, Plagiarism Checking

About Rashid Ali

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