OVRHD a Promising Member of Latest Boom Startup

Marketing app selected for Boom Startup.

Marketing app selected for Boom Startup.

Of the five startups selected for Boom Startup’s winter cohort, OVRHD seems the most poised for success. Boom Startup provides $20,000 in funding plus an estimated $700,000 of in-kind services during a three month incubation period. They announced their winter class on November 20th.

OVRHD is a web photo application that allows users to embed photos, text and rich media into photos that can be shared, tagged or embedded all over the Internet. CEO Michael Bhanos has plans to expand its user base from outdoor athletes and gear companies to make it universal, but it remains in beta release.

The product is intriguing because it allows several additional levels of richness to photos that aren’t currently available.

Scroll over photos to see additional details.

OVRHD allows users to scroll over photos for additional details.

In the example above, detail can be expanded for the skier’s helmet, goggles, skis and other items in the photo. The enhanced photo can be embedded on any website as well as being shared or tagged.


There are multiple uses for this application that could be very beneficial to marketers and advertisers. Hopefully the new capital and training from Boom Startup will allow OVRHD to produce the application it wants to present to the world. In the mean time, there are a few dozen current users of OVRHD who are using the product.

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