Networking Can Create Holiday Cheer for Your Startup


No employees doesn’t have to mean no company party!

So you decided to leave corporate America and go out on your own. Left behind are stupid meetings, office politics and the nine to five grind. Then the holidays come rolling around and you realize there may have been a few good things about that job like the company holiday party, office friends and perhaps an end of year bonus.

Don’t fret my fellow entrepreneur, there are good things available this season if you’re on your own. Even if you’re lucky enough to not need new clients, business networking is a good excuse to get out of your pajamas, leave your home and talk to like minded people who understand the risks, struggles and rewards of being self-employed.

Many trade organizations and chambers of commerce have holiday themed mixers during their regular December meetings and those are certainly worth attending. Imagine a real, live holiday party at night, with dinner and a bunch of entrepreneurs in a stunning location without any office politics or drama.

That’s the type of event the Salt Lake Circle is hosting December 16th, 2014. Set in the Founder’s Room atop the Zion’s Bank building in downtown Salt Lake City, the event will be elegantly catered while offering a bird’s eye view of the lights at Temple Square. Besides fine food, the organizers will promote networking and feature Dan Clark to present the evening’s keynote speech.

The cost is affordable for the entrepreneur/startup on even the most shoestring of budgets. Early registration is $20 allowing you to bring your significant other and invite clients, vendors and employees…if you’ve got them.

If you can’t attend this particular event, or are reading from an area beyond the Wasatch Front, look online for a similar event. As an entrepreneur it’s a good idea to develop your business on a social level because you may find clients, vendors or even friends by networking.

At The Startup Register, we wish you well this holiday season and urge you to add business networking as part of your marketing plan. To a prosperous New Year!

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