NetSequre – Safe and Secure Internet for Everyone.


Vision: To make the Internet safe and secure for anybody, anywhere on any device.


NetSequre brings in router based Internet Security to secure every Wi-Fi connected device at home/office.  It combines the advantage of cloud security to protect against latest online threats.


NetSequre comes with Advanced Parental Controls that work at the router level. Zero setups or installation required on any of the kid’s devices. An easy way to protect your kids from the online adult content.


NetSequre routers are cloud manageable. ISPs/Institutes can easily manage their entire deployment of wireless network sitting anywhere in the world.  A key aspect for ISPs to reduce maintenance cost and improve the quality of service.


NetSequre has built a generic functionality that can be installed on over 200+ router models that are available in the market. You buy the hardware that you wish to and upgrade it using NetSequre firmware.


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