Founder of first hybrid coworking business center in state proves to be trailblazer in industry

Holladay, Utah (June 4, 2015) – As coworking spaces have continued to grow, certain owners of these companies not only have continued to outshine others, but proved to be the true trailblazers in the industry. myBusinessBar was the only coworking space in Utah recognized in Symmetry50’s “The Top 100 Coworking Spaces in the U.S.” Kathryn Christiansen, myBusinessBar Founder and CEO, is leading the way as her business was the first true hybrid coworking business center of its kind in Utah. Christiansen is also the only woman to own a coworking business center in the state.

“Wow. Just wow,” Christiansen said. “Some of the coworking spaces on this list have been my mentors and examples before I contemplated opening my location. To be listed among such ‘coworking’ royalty is an honor.”

Christiansen has taken myBusinessBar to such heights after just three years in the growing field. myBusinessBar last year was the only Utah company found in Symmetry50’s 2014 rankings, where 75 locations were listed. That accomplishment was reached again this year. Christiansen has succeeded despite adversity. Her foresight in knowing that she was going to change a significant segment of workplace norm in the Salt Lake area has never been overshadowed by her desire to maintain focus on a “boutique-style approach to business support services.” She’s done it while maintaining world-class commitment to the success of her clientele and members.

“I have watched many of the newer coworking locations in Utah get media attention and press simply from location or pitched as a trailblazer for bringing coworking to the state,” Christiansen explained. “I think it is great that more and more centers are opening and giving the workforce more options. We have been here for a little more than three years and plan to be for many more. We might not get the same local recognition, but you can’t dispute national recognition.”

Christiansen’s greatest challenge in reaching such heights has simply been spending more time explaining coworking. Now, freelancers and independent professionals in Utah recognize the options. Christiansen understands the needs of the small business owner because myBusinessBar is just that. As a serial entrepreneur herself, Christiansen is familiar with the complexity of running your own business and the need for affordable and accessible professional services. Her center features options like meeting space free of charge to non-profits and complimentary lunch seminars in addition to virtual office support and full-time office space. Her Ambassador Program offers professionals the opportunity to cowork and build culture at myBusinessBar. Christiansen believes that nothing replaces personal interaction with her team and her clients. Additionally, she has formed strategic partnerships locally and nationally so that members can move from place to place seamlessly.

“We aren’t a franchise with deep pockets. We grow as our members’ businesses grow and our center adapts and adds services to ensure their success,” Christiansen said. “I am excited to see more and more locations pop up that give my clients more options for work space. It only validates that this a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.”

About Kathryn Christiansen

First an office manager, then a CEO, then an in-demand office suites consultant, Kathryn Christiansen is an innovator in office environments, providing economical business support services and an atmosphere specialized in assisting start-ups and sole proprietors. Integral to the business community, she has served Utah businesses for several years and continues to provide uplift for the business community as a whole. Currently, she serves as Executive Director of the Holladay Chamber of Commerce.

About myBusinessBar

Based in Holladay, Utah, myBusinessBar is a local coworking community with national reach and benefits, providing a professionally managed space for coworking, meetings and flexible office needs for start-ups, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who need on-demand work space. Since 2012, myBusinessBar has consistently provided an energetic community area to connect, collaborate and create without the distractions of the neighborhood coffee shop. For more information on myBusinessBar, please visit

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