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We are a Startup in Munich in the field of online recruiting.

Our founders are Martin Grupp and Stefan Schaberna jobify was founded in 2016

We are targeting students, young professionals and resent graduates.
current business status: Startup

jobify is an up-and-coming startup in the field of online recruiting that has set itself the task of revolutionizing the application process. Up to now, the individual skills of new recruits, the personal suitability for a job and its framework conditions have mostly been neglected in the application process. As a result, job interviews ran into a void, wasted time and disappointment both on the part of the applicants and the personnel.
jobify offers the solution: The jobify matching procedure is made accessible via a web application on which the target groups (young professionals and companies) can create profiles and then view their “matches”. Each match has a score calculated from the aggregated matches within our four matching categories of qualifications, applicant requirements, personality and development potential. For this purpose, each user passes through an indirect, situational questionnaire, which promotes self-reflection and limits conscious manipulation. This test procedure is based on Big Five, one of the most established scientific models in personality psychology.
The calculation is done by a matching algorithm developed by jobify. Detailed information can then be viewed from both sides for each match, providing information as to why a high fit is present.
Students, career starters and young professionals from all disciplines receive orientation on the non-transparent job market through jobify and can easily find the right internship or ideal permanent position. On the other hand, the recruiting effort for the companies is reduced, as only candidates that are individually suitable for the company are proposed as applicants.

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