Introducing The Newest Demand-Based Marketplace That Connects Targeted Shoppers to Local Businesses.

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August 20, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA — is the newest way for buyers to connect with sellers in a demand-based marketplace. That means, shoppers post a Wantboard, similar to a customized billboard, of exactly what they want. Sellers are then alerted of each Wantboard posting that matches their inventory through a patent-pending alert system. Once the buyer and seller are connected, the transaction can be completed.

The benefits of this model are twofold; shoppers buy exactly what they want at the price they want and sellers find targeted buyers who are in the market for what they have to sell. Wantboards allows the shopper to post any type of product, whether it be a pre-owned car, a watch, a designer handbag, or even cosmetics. Wantboards brings both convenience and price negotiation together under one roof.

“In today’s push-notification world, businesses use daily deal emails to market products that consumers do not want or need, so they are just ignored,” said Hugo Da Rosa, Director of Business Development. “Wantboards was built on the premise that everyone does want something, however, there is no go-to medium for buyers to tell sellers exactly what they want and how much they are willing to pay. Our business model also enables local businesses to compete in the marketplace because they can discount their prices to meet buyer demand. We hope Wantboards will improve inventory turns for these businesses and will help them remain competitive in the marketplace against top retailers.”

How Wantboards Works for Shoppers

The buyer’s experience begins when they post a Wantboard to the marketplace by following three simple steps. Once the Wantboard has been posted, a network of sellers will be notified through the patent-pending automatic alert system. When the seller buys the lead, the shopper is notified using their preferred contact information so the transaction can be completed. Wantboards won’t inundate buyers with daily deal emails, but will only notify them when a seller who has what they want has been identified. Also, buyers can become sellers if they discover a Wantboard posting that they can fulfill, and vice versa.

How Wantboards Works for Sellers

The seller’s experience begins by completing the alert creation form with criteria that matches their inventory, or what they want to sell. When a Wantboard is posted containing the same criteria, the alert system will immediately send a notification to the seller. The seller is then given the targeted shopper’s contact information to complete the transaction online, over the phone, or in person. This feature gives the seller endless opportunities to expand business beyond their regular client base and to find targeted buyers faster than ever before. Wantboards won’t bombard sellers with fruitless leads and junk mail; sellers will only receive high-quality sales leads from eager consumers.

About Wantboards

In 2012, the Wantboards team questioned why the common billboard only worked in a one-way fashion, meaning that, businesses and retailers advertise a specific product to a broad customer base. Instead, Wantboards was founded to change this one-way relationship by enabling shoppers to tell businesses exactly what they want.

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