Gumlet is an optimised image delivery service. With it’s smart JavaScript plugin and AI powered image compression it delivers right sized image in most optimal format to each of your user. Gumlet is an end-to-end solution for complete image management. The best part is that it requires no additional integration efforts. Just point our service to the image source, include the JavaScript on the website and start serving optimised images.

Gumlet makes your image heavy apps and websites load super fast by delivering most optimised images. Lower size images means helps save its clients on upto 40% on CDN bills.

We provide 99.9% uptime SLA with a pay simple per use pricing plan. Gumlet has image processing centers distributed across continents. Images are delivered using world class CDN to ensure maximum availability and minimum latency.

Startup Name: Gumlet.
Location: Bangalore.
Industry: Software, Internet & Computer Services.
Founder: Aditya Patadia.
Year started: 2018.
Target Market: ecommerce websites and apps, content websites and apps.

About Aditya Patadia

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