GigaFile – file sharing with unlimited cloud

GigaFile is a market changing file sharing service that is breaking the limits. In the long list of GigaFile’s features users will find the main 4:
1) free unlimited cloud storage;
2) no file size limit;
3) no speed or traffic limits;
4) no expiration terms.

GigaFile is a file sharing startup that’s based in Japan (local team) and Norway (HQ) and was launched in December 2017. Many users are facing the storage limits when they try to send the big files, for example, Dropbox (10Gb), Box (10Gb), Google Drive (15Gb), Mega (50Gb). And what if a user needs 51Gb or 510Gb? Split a file into 10 zip archives and upload them from 20 different accounts? GigaFile is solving this problem – upload and share any data you need.

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