Genially is the best web tool to create engaging interactive visual content (pictures, posters, presentations, etc) for people without programming skills.


With Genially you’ll enjoy all the advantages of working in the cloud when it comes to accessing your creations and modifying contents. Besides, any work made with Genially can be easily shared in Social Media or Whatsapp.
The world needs Genially because interactive content is the future. We now live in a world where technology and proper usage of it is very important. With Genially not only can everybody create amazing content (even without having programming or designing skills), but now you do not need to pay a designer to do it. You can do it yourself in less time and for free! Students, consumers, and readers don’t want to be bored- and with Genially they never will be again!

Genially stands out thanks to its versatility: any digital and interactive resources can be developed with this all-in-one tool.

All the material created with Genially can be monitored with the measuring function that is included to check the number of visits and the users’ interaction with the content.

Collaborative work is also an option. Two or more people can work on the same Genially and share their work with whomever they want.

Genially operates on mobile devices too. Create or modify your geniallys from your Tablet.

Genially is already available on the Chrome Web Store.

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