– Decision making platform for people is our first startup by Pakipreneurs. Our team has worked very hard in making this project a reality. We are looking forward to work more on it and have plans to expand it.

We have elections once in a 5 year time period and we hardly see our elected politicians in our constituency in that long time period. These elected people most of the time don’t even care about asking the people what do they want and don’t even ask people’s opinion when there is a decision being made.

Well to have a better democracy we need to count the voice of people in, in every decision being made. People are now well aware of there right and want to participate in the progress of the country so we need to give them the opportunity to come up with ideas and to participate in the decisions not only on the national level but also on the local level.

Following facebook and twitter will get you more confused, there are streams of opinions/ data, that does not give you a clear picture sometime. So we need a system that tells us exactly what do people want, and to make them count, we have

We have integrated with facebook, twitter, google+, and linkedin so that it can be easy to use and easy to join.

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