Deal Forum Gives Entrepreneurs Feedback on Pitches

Lindsey Parry of Poket Nomad fields questions from the panel.

Lindsey Parry of Poket Nomad fields questions from the panel.

Deal Forum, organized by the Wayne Brown Institute, held a meeting on March 25th allowing four different companies a chance to pitch and receive feedback from the venture capital community. Held atop the Zion’s Bank tower, the event featured a panel representing Peak Ventures, Epic Ventures, SLC Angels and Preferred CFO.

Four different companies from varying verticals pitched for ten minutes and received ten minutes of feedback from the four panelists. They included EMM Technology which develops cloud software and storage for data intensive processing, Poket Nomad a mobile app for vacationers, Stream Dx a medical device and testing company for urologists and Feedback 3D which provides marketing metrics.

The event was valuable to the estimated 55 audience members because it provided valuable insight into the venture capital thought process. Additionally, the seasoned entrepreneurs had well thought out presentations and the slide deck from Lindsey Parry of Poket Nomad was visually appealing enough to warrant praise from a panel member. The mix of entrepreneur participants provided insight in a variety of market verticals.

Deal Forum is a recurring event from the Wayne Brown Institute. The next Deal Forum is April 29th.


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