Data Loss: Three secrets to Marriage Mending Disaster Avoidance

A friend called me up yesterday, asking for advice. I told him that I’m not too skilled with marriage advice. But, the issue wasn’t just with his wife… well, it was… but it wasn’t. The issue was with hundreds of lost photos–irreplaceable photos of his two young children that had only been stored in one place.

“I thought they were safe on the external hard drive!”

“Oooh, that is serious. Do you need a place to stay for a few days?” I asked, hoping he’d say ‘No’.

Then I asked him three questions:

Obvious question #1 – “Are they still on your computer? ” – I heard faint mumbling as a response.

Obvious question #2 – “Did you send some of the pictures to family or friends via email, Instagram, or Facebook?” — silence

Obvious question #3 – “Did you check your camera’s memory card?” I heard him repeat the questions to someone on the other end of the phone. Momentarily I heard cheering and CLICK.

I think that was a success — I’ll call back tomorrow to see which one worked.

Remember Redundant Randy’s Repetitive reasoning: 3 copies of all data. Not just one.

I should repeat myself again: Three copies of all data! Three – say it out loud “three!”

No! Facebook, Instagram and Grandma are NOT good, reliable backup methods. Okay, I’d call them a backup backup, in case I screwed up on the first three backups.

  1. First Copy – the original, the computer, the place they first landed. Is your hard drive getting small? Upgrade – spend $200 and get a HUGE hard drive. (Backup twice before upgrading).
  2. Second Copy – use a cloud storage service like Google Drive, iCloud, Amazon Cloud, DropBox… to name a few. Yes, shell out the $60-$100 per year. JUST DO IT!
  3. Third Copy – external USB hard drive. Use a FREE backup tool like Veeam Endpoint backup software to backup your whole computer to an external hard drive.

Randy Burgoyne
Computer Geek, accounting nerd, entrepreneur, photographer, 30 year business technology veteran. Self-appointed sub-vice president of the repetitive redundancy department.

About Randy Burgoyne

Randy Burgoyne
Randy Burgoyne is a business veteran in Information Technology, Business Management, Business Process and Management Consulting. Currently Positions: Controller at CH Spencer & Company CIO/CFO at Nova Institute of Technology Board of Directors & Co-Founder of 501(c)(3) Former Board member and Co-Founder of Entrepreneur Launch Pad 501(c)(3) Adviser to Business leaders and Entrepreneurs on how to best use business technology to maximize budget expenditures. Philosophy: The newest technologies might NOT contribute to business success. A firm understanding of the business process is required before making implementation recommendations. Consultant to Technology Distribution specialists, Accountants, Security Engineers, Managed services providers, Internet Service Providers, Printing Companies, Network Engineers, Legal professionals, attorneys and government agencies including Salt Lake County District Attorney's office. Entrepreneur, writer, blogger and community volunteer. Awards: 2014 LDS Business College Distinguished Alumnus 2013 Centerville City Citizen of the Year - Rotary Club International

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