Proficonf, lightning fast and powerful video conferencing web app, it’s lightweight and has the same capacity as top-players in video conferencing market.  It’s perfect for webinars, demos, and meetings. We’re new on the market (we’re still in beta so you can use all the features for free).

– Up to 100 participants on meetings and up to 500 on webinars (we’re still in beta so after the release those numbers will be increased). We’re planning to hit up to 500 (100 basic and expendable to 500) on meetings (all users have access to cameras and mic), and up to 10k on webinars.
– Since we’re using WebRTC you don’t have to download or install anything.
– You can share not only your screen, but also native apps, and web browser tabs (now you don’t have to worry about your notifications while showing your screen).
– You can import documents of almost all formats, share YouTube videos (even streams), recorded videos, and audio.
– Proficonf has a built-in whiteboard (now you can only draw, but typing will be added soon).
– Also, integration with Slack, Google Docs, and Dropbox is planned and will be added after the release.
– Proficonf also works in Android mobile web browsers, and we’re building iOS/Android app.
– You can use permanent “rooms” and re-use the same URL (custom URL’s are on its way), or just create permanent rooms for different teams.
– API will be available soon.

Check it out on: https://proficonf.com/

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