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Capture delivers a web based platform for bloggers, journalists, photo editors or anyone who needs to find and publish photos and videos from Instagram or Twitter. Capture is currently used to authorize hundreds of images and videos daily on topics ranging from breaking news and weather, to editorial pieces. The combination of powerful search and organization tools with Capture’s unique rights management make it an essential tool for publishers.

Before Capture companies were using manual, unmonitored and non-compliant practices to source and publish social media. In many cases, this resulted in delays, rights disputes and potential conflicts with the social networks themselves due to non-compliance. Capture was developed as an end-to-end solution that ensures that social media can be discovered and vetted in real time and published with the appropriate licenses and attribution. Furthermore, Capture is fully compliant with Twitter and Instagram display guidelines.

Capture’s team of designers and engineers built this product while working with top media companies, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed and The Weather Channel.


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