Award winning startup Voolsy introduces visitor Management System ‘Voonote’

It is said that first impression lasts longer in people’s mind. If we talk about corporate industry, first impression is the key! You will often find receptionists juggling with log book or phone to coordinate with the employees to attend to the guest. The constant flux between the host and guest is time consuming and less productive. This is completely sorted by Voolsy’s new tech product Voonote – a cloud based digital visitor management system.

The ibeacon based startup is very well known for its tech innovations. Mastering themselves in restaurant industry since three years, they have entered in corporate areas in order to streamline corporate reception to impress the clients.

Voonote is not only limited for visitor management. It has been designed to cater feedback management purpose also. Companies who seek to gather valuable feedback from its customers can easily opt for Voonote’s feedback management service. Whether it is open ended question or close ended, one can design customised questionnaire forms with Voonote in a jiffy.

“I had seen lots of visitor management systems earlier. I saw them in couple of office reception areas too. While researching on it, I come to know that there are many things that can be added and it led me to design Voonote. It has multipurpose usage and is fit to any industry whether it is corporate, retail, feedback or valet.” said Smit Nehbwani CEO, Voonote.

Voonote can also serve the Retail Industry. The biggest issue retail industry has been facing is that they are not able to understand their audience or potential buyers. With Voonote, they can create unlimited data of the people visited or buy things from their store. Moreover, Voonote not only lets them know their customer but it stores the data of their time of visit, day and date which helps them understand the buying patterns. Currently, Voonote is the only visitor management system in the market that lets the store market their product through SMS or email marketing. This makes Voonote a data gathering and marketing tool.

Voonote has evened out the process for Valet parking too with its dynamic process. With Voonote, Valet can register the car with the necessary information. Once the car is parked the system will automatically message the visitor about their car parked. If visitor wants to notify that they want their car, they can do it with just a tap. The whole process is so streamlined that there is no waiting and querying about where the care is? Most importantly, only the cars parked are visible in the system, so there is no confusion for Valet which cars are parked right now.

Future Plans

Amrish Patel, President, Voonote has said, “I believe, Voonote is a word of mouth product. From the word go, Voonote has picked up the popularity in the market as it has already generated subscribers. Few of them are from popular brands also. We have set reachout every corner of our working cities in next six month.’’

Voonote also provides a dynamic dashboard system for all the services. One can track every visitor and also generate monthly, quarterly or weekly reports of the visitor activities. Right now, Voonote is active in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.

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