AMP is the first D’Appvelopment company ever, a bunch of obsessive young college dropouts creating multiple usable softwares within the Ethereum protocol to encourage mass adoption of crypto by shifting modalities from what is currently a framework only developers can manipulate to a easy to use and understand platform with which anyone can interact.  Each of the D’apps we’ve built thus far takes on a slightly different problem. EasyCDP allows you to lever Ethereum using the Maker/DAI protocol. Maker/Dai had created the platform for this but the process and the module for it were clunky and unusable. We basically created a front end that allows the creation of Dai and the levering of Eth and a layman can do it.
Silverwire is another one of our creations. This allows you REVERSE the sending of Ethereum if you figure out you’ve been scammed, phished, or if you entered the wrong address for a set period of time. This is a massive issue in the cryptosphere right now, people are consistently getting scammed or phished or sending to the incorrect address and as we know once you send crypto…its gone forever. Until now. We created a module called Silverwire that sends the Ethereum, but the recipient can’t spend it for a proscribed period of time, a period of time that you the sender choose. If you realize you’ve been scammed you can call it back. Its revolutionary.
Another product we’ve created is called Ether SQL. It is a way for developers to interact with Ethereum, similar but better than “truffle” which is the most common framework currently used. Our product is faster, more efficient and more user friendly.

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