70-100 million Americans–1 in 3 adults–have criminal records. They all experience pain in landing a job, yet many companies are willing to hire them.

70MillionJobs.com is the internet’s first job site for ex-offenders and the companies that will hire them. Launched in early September, we already have thousands of applicants who have uploaded their resumes, and thousands of jobs from companies that hire those with records.

Employment is the silver bullet to combat recidivism. There’s a 77% chance that once a man or woman has left prison, he or she will be re-arrested within 5 years. Almost of these people will be unemployed. Jobs for ex-offenders saves society tens of billions of dollars in the cost of re-arresting and warehousing the repeat offenders.

With a job, the ex-offender can begin rebuilding his life, reuniting with his family, contributing to society and lead a productive life.

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