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Do you like to write or create content? Do you like business, marketing or technology? Can you create content of interest to small businesses, startups, solopreneurs or entrepreneurs?

Then come write/create content for The Startup Register!

Your job is to create content and share it however you see fit (without spamming of course). You’ll get an author account on this platform and you can start creating immediately! You won’t have a blog to set up or a website or bother with any of the hurdles that are probably preventing you from creating content now.

Aspiring writers will want to use this platform to build their portfolio while exposing their writing to business leaders and hiring managers across the globe. You’ll also get a share of the ad revenue generated on pages you publish. We mean the lion’s share!

You can create as much or as little as you like. The more you create and share on social media is the more you can make and the more exposure you get.

We’ll help you share by broadcasting your content on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels.

We’re also in the process of becoming an official Google News site which means your content could be syndicated by news sites across the globe.

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Please provide a link to an article you feel is your worst and some simple contact information. If your worst article is interesting, we’ll get back to you with a few more questions and you’ll be on your way to writing for The Startup Register.

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